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tv   KRON 4 News at 5  KRON  March 3, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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and white workers are on edge. >> 30 year-old hayes seuss was booked wednesday afternoon on sexual assault, false imprisonment and attempted rape. this will confirm that employees >> this one sipsychiatric technician got a salted. >> and and nurse came in and was a-assaulted. in another nurse was insulted. >> he has worked here for 30 years. his never seen it so bad. >> perhaps four months ago, we've been talking and even in a meeting. having several conferences but no action happening. >> this debt as a parade.
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>> people are still scared to come to work. >> still no action. the risk of being injured and insulted. >> in napa, jeff bush. >>pam: october last year a nurse was strangled to death on the grounds of a hospital by a patient. new details about the relationship found murdered inside this northeast store on tuesday night. a female suspect. the body was found by officers was responding to a request for a well-being check. at the san francisco store on main street. the suspect, a transient often stayed with the victim. we spoke to a homeless man. he
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climbs the header read relationship. >> he said that she was the fiancee. he is--climbing that they had a relationship. if for >> should be a housekeeper. it really surprises me. i do not think the issue is capable of committing homicide. >>pam: 11:00 p.m., what the suspect told her friend about how the victim died. in vallejo, the employe from mcdonald's is attacked from the customer last night. the employee--stabbed. >> he could have easily been killed. he could ohave damaged his vital organs in that area. the suspect fled
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in a gray van. developing a berkeley, the students are chained together on the fourth floor. jonathan? >> opam, we're looking at live pictures. students that have made it to their fourth floor ledge chained together. also preventing students from also entering this building. this small group of students are attracting a lot of attention. on the ground, hundreds gathering. signs, and even taking cellphone pictures. wondering what exactly is going to happen as police are gathering. trying to calm ground and
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even a bullhorn. " truth wars " and the students that represent what they were saying, earlier. >> the protesters are not going to leave. (cheers & applause) and we're going to negotiate. >>reporter: just a few moments ago, the students that were shouting to the board wanted to take over one of the entrances. historically, they have taken over whenever there's a protest like this. more students are encouraged fi. to be joined on this ledge.
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they are trying to make a statement. people cannot afford education and if nobody should have access? live uc-berkeley, jonathan blum, kron 4 news. >>pam: limning service cuts with station closing looming serving cucosts dozens of commuters pleaded to maintain that the current level of service. the board is required to have a to clear of the state of emergency. >> the underlying region, the structural region is that caltrain has a dedicated source of funding. the only transit agency that does not have a dedicated four of our revenue. source of revenue. gamow's the idea on the table for putting this
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dedicated revenue with a regional tax from the voters. commuters will find out exactly what that could be. if (music) >> we are drying out this evening. today, tomorrow, nothing short on our radar. nothing showing up on our radar. whit 60 degrees in oakland. 61 and some of a of redwood city, and currently low 60s. as we take to overnight it looks like we are going to cool into the 40's. dry weather tomorrow. saturday. dry on saturday during the day, however on a saturday night, it is going to be a little bit wet. we will be right back.
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>>pam: stocks soared on wall street today, better than expected. even the employment. the dow jones had the largest increase since december. 191 points higher. over 12,000. gasoline prices, already the highest ever. also on the rise half. the protest, the violence from the middle east. dan kerman reports that another increase at the pumps. >> if this seems like you are paying each and every week at the pumps? you are. gas prices are up. the average cost = $3.86. that is up only 205 from to one week ago. 405 from one month ago. >> it seems like every week, a dollar up it is terrible. >> i go through at least 25
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gal. and to provide these. is impacting, greatly. i do not like it but it is the way of the world. >> many people are impacted and only some are able to do something about it. the motorcycle. >> cutting back on my travel. >> i have the children that go to school. i have to drive. i have no choice. >> of course what point because prices are going to be coming down? there is no general consensus. some believe that the peak will be at the end of this summer. that could be another 405. in the san francisco, dan kerman, kron 4 news. >>pam: with air fare, and also air flights there hikes hiking climbing. $20 increase, american airlines
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with a modest increase of $10 per round trip. however, that is virtually on every ticket. faumidday thursday commit baltica of united and continental and usair was have all settled on a matching american airlines $10 increase. the low-cost airlines with southwest, jet blue have increased, so far. >> the seven day up your kron 4 7 day around the bay to break from the wet weather tomorrow. shower activity this weekend. details coming up off
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>>pam: live pictures developing uc berkeley. a number of protesters chained themselves together on a ledge of the fourth floor of wheeler hall. the uc- berkeley campus protesting budget cuts to public education and criticizing last night's arrests of 17
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protesters. 17 were taken into custody. university police are on the scene. dozens of supporters are on the scene and will continue to follow this story. >> kimberlee: >>this just in to the kron 4 news room the muni like real and another had-like real- like real-like re >> kimberlee: muni is showing delays from the like realight rail. >>pam: federal investigators
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are looking for new solutions of the ctc gas pipelines. chairwoman, deborah hirsch menaces of this accident killed eight people and destroyed dozens of homes. this pattern is with reoccurring sticky problems. the network of natural gas lines is many the third decade old. that are not subject to higher levels of inspections or safety standards. >>catherine: national news, a florida while fire is still a problem. 17,000 a.. since monday. and it is an area that is not heavily populated. 25 mi. north of the kennedy space center. masson not impacted. and a discovery. mass--the space center not impacted. >> the second day in a row that authorities are looking for clues. they think that these children are brother
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and sister. one was found in a duffel bag, the other in a suitcase. >> prosecutors are going to charge a 12 year-old boy with killing his parents and wounding zero siblings. he seemed pleasant, helpful and they have no idea why this happened --wounding his siblings. mr. and mrs. long died. the child himself called in mind 11. >> this woman is accused of jumping in as a total death of the tow truck man dragged over 1 mi.. in colorado. >> this took working crews 1.5 hours. the big mess.
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>> special anniversary. >> today, marks the 80th anniversary of the star spangled banner. it is designated as the national anthem. this is video. president barack obama at the inauguration in january 20th 09. $15 million in fort mckinley, and ordered to honor francis scott key who wrote the score. >> a dry day tomorrow, it is a columlalm out look with fog. wet weather coming is situated to the north. some
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shower activity in th northwestern corner of the state. and we are x listing dry. currently, temperatures were in the 60s. we are currently staying dry. livermore, temperatures right route 64 in antioch, concord. 60 in redwood city. cooler along the coast. the satellite/writer is showing that dry weather will continue. the satellite/radar. --fed >> and with will saturday 30's , 36 in santa rosa, 30's-40's in san francisco. by the afternoon is going to be another day with temperatures similar to today. 64 degrees in santa rosa. when a pre cooler and
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san francisco. richmond, vallejo, with-01 record in the san francisco. this time line is going to be dropping from the north. the showers in the north bay.. and overnight sunday will bring rain fall half of all the way into the evening and even hanging on in to the beginning of the workweek. tomorrow, a little bit of a break. tuesday, wednesday, another dry out. >>pam: the golden gate! the fog rolling in. and nearly all of the traffic is moving well both directions. the san mateo bridge, headlights = east. you can see that backup. the west is also
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slow. we will be back.
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>>pam: good news from apple. $100 for the first generation of purchasers. this policy kicks and when a permit reduced the price of the product. apple and build the new version of the tablet computer, the ipad no. 2, yesterday. these cut it a big a jewelry store. security fofootage and kittens rescued. if you would like to read more about this or any other segments, go to what's on the web section at >> kimberlee: the jewelry heist the los angeles police department released surveillance video showing these two people entering this store, taking the merchandise. taking into this video. they're entering the store. keep your eye on
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here he will break the glass. it takes a couple of times. with backpacks, flashlights, eventually you can see they are using the flashlight to look into the different jewelry cases. there are trays filled with jewelry. they made with an estimated $3 million worth of jewelry! take a look at this! a washington bus driver this sexual was not hurt what her mother is outraged. -this-six year- old thankfully is not hurt. >> kimberlee: 2 kittens! safe if for no homeowner inside the wall. one kid and was trapped, it took to days, it took two different
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days, and the entire fire department. she kept hearing the meows. dry weather. your forecast coming up
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live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. >>pam: our student protesters chained together at wheeler hall the fourth floor at the uc-berkeley campus. you see this video. they are chained together. other protesters are cheering them want. public education, budget cuts and criticizing the arrests of 17 protesters last night. there are also on the campus. university police are on the the


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